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Discover the future of living better.

At ToughJobs, we're committed to provide you and your family with features and finishes that ensure your home is not only safe, comfortable and energy efficient, but also a place that connects you to the latest in technology and innovation.

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Your old Home but Smarter

What does it mean to have a Smart Home?

It means 24/7 online access to smart features throughout your home that are all seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-use App. Smart Home allows you to see what kids are upto, lock your doors remotely, monitor your thermostat, be alerted if someone is at the front door, open your garage for parcel drop-offs and pick-ups and much, much more. Make your old Home a Smart Home.

Managed Centrally
Wirelessly Connects
Smart Applications

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Home Automation at its Best!

And that is just the beginning!

With ToughJobs Smart Home improvements you can save approximately $145 per year on your energy bills. This is the money that you can save for your child's education, use for your retirement, or to pay down our mortgage much faster!

Video Door Bell

Who's that knocking at your door? Whether you are upstairs in the backyard, at work or relaxing on a beach, two-way voice communication allows you to hold a conversation as if you were right there.
Smart Thermostat

With a convenient App you can control the heating and cooling of your home from anywhere in the world. Adjust temperature smartly and enjoy great savings on your heating and air conditioning cost.
Smart Door Lock

Keys are a ting of the past. You can unlock or lock your door, provide access to a friend or relative, and be notified if a door is left unlocked!


Automation & Integration Solutions
Automate your home or business and control virtually any electronic or device to intelligently communicate with another from locks to lights, doors to drapes, temperature, audio/video, energy systems and security.

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State of The Art Media Rooms
We design different packages that incorporate projection technology, premium surround sound in an acoustic treated environment giving you a movie theater experience, in the comfort of your own home.

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Lighting Systems For Any Environment
Create the perfect home lighting setup for your mood and lifestyle. Installing energy-efficient lighting systems not only protects the environment but can also be very cost effective for the consumer.

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